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Industrial Automation Solutions

SMI Electric Automation offers a variety of industrial automation solutions. Here are some product ideas based on their areas of expertise:

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Pre-built Solutions

Pre-Configured Industrial Control Panel

Target Audience: Small to medium-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-install automation solution.

Product: A pre-configured control panel for common industrial tasks like temperature control, motor control, or data acquisition. Customers can choose from various options based on their needs.

Benefits: Saves time and money on engineering and assembly, simplifies installation.

Industrial Heat Tracing Kit

Target Audience: Maintenance crews or facility managers who need to prevent freezing or maintain specific temperatures in pipes or vessels.

Product: A complete heat tracing kit that includes heating cables, a control panel, and all necessary installation materials. Customers can choose from different wattages and lengths based on their needs.

Benefits: Easy to install, cost-effective solution for maintaining pipe temperature, prevents downtime due to frozen pipes.

Industry-Specific Automation Solution

Target Audience: Specific industries like Oil & Gas, Heavy Manufacturing, or Utilities.

Product: Develop pre-engineered automation solutions that address common challenges within these industries.

Benefits: Offers industry-specific expertise, reduces engineering costs for clients, provides a proven solution for specific needs.

Cloud-Based SCADA Monitoring System

Target Audience: Existing SMI Electric Automation clients with multiple installations.

Product: Develop a cloud-based SCADA system that allows customers to remotely monitor and control their industrial processes from anywhere.

Benefits: Improves operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, provides real-time data for better decision-making.